Trần Hồng Nhựt Minh

Trần Hồng Nhựt Minh

Opening Ceremony of the 254th AUN-QA Programme Assessment

  • 10 January 2022 |

For many years, the quality assurance system of VLU has developed synchronously between internal and external quality assurance. Since 2016, the AUN-QA program assessment has been one of the key goals of Van Lang to design curricula being close to the regional education trends and the 4.0 technology.


After many years of effort with many expectations, today, Van Lang University is pleased to organize the opening ceremony of the 254th AUN-QA programme assessment for 04 majors: ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, GRAPHIC DESIGN, ACCOUNTING, HOTEL MANAGEMENT.


Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri, Chairman of Van Lang University stated: "This is the first time that Van Lang University has participated in the AUN-QA programme assessment. Participation in this program is not only about reputation or brand because we realize that quality assessment is a comprehensive improvement process, bringing a culture of quality assurance in the regular and daily work of VLU's members. We believe that the assessment results from AUN-QA experts will support VLU to continue making improvements in its training program, meeting regional standards for international integration. The key goal is that quality will be continuously improved and be transformed into the competencies of VLU's undergraduates. They will be a highly qualified workforce of the country and the region, bringing a positive impact and inspiring the community as the mission of VLU.”.


The AUN-QA team will have 5 working days (10/01/2020– 14/01/2022). We wish the experts of the AUN-QA Evaluation Team good health and successfully complete the assessment of the training program.


We also hope that the training programs of Van Lang University can achieve the results of quality accreditation reaching international standards according to AUN-QA standards.

Van Lang University has completed the external assessment of 4 undergraduate programs

  • 07 January 2022 |

On January 7, 2022, the closing ceremony of the official survey to serve the external assessment of the curriculum of Business Administration, Commerce, Architecture, and Biotechnology took place at N2T1 hall, the main campus of Van Lang University (VLU).


During five working days at VLU (03 – 07/01/2022), with the motto of professionalism and fairness, the external evaluation team carried out many activities: infrastructure survey, study self-assessment records and evidence records of four undergraduate programs, namely Business Administration, Commerce, Architecture and Biotechnology, interview 352 related objects of four majors (Council of self-evaluating, deans, officers, lecturers, employees, and students).

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Phuong Nga - Director of the Center for Education Accreditation, Supervision Advisor of the External Evaluation Team, thanked the teachers of 4 curricula for their support and enthusiasm in this survey. In parallel, she hopes that Van Lang University will change significantly and develop to reach achievements and improve the reputation with the community of learners after the survey.


At the ceremony, representatives of the External Evaluation Team and Van Lang University signed the Minutes of completing the official survey to serve the external assessment of the four curricula of Business Administration, Commerce, Architecture, and Biotechnology. It is a vital result to determine the quality accreditation for VLU's four curricula and is also the basis for the four sectors to continue to improve education quality.


Congratulations to Van Lang University for having the principal milestone in building education quality.


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