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Congratulations On 4 Aun-Qa Quality Programs

On 10/06/2022, the ceremony of announcing the certification of programs meeting AUN-QA quality standards for 4 undergraduate programs: Accounting, Graphic Design, Hotel Management and Environmental Engineering Technology was solemnly held in the joy of Van Lang University.

Speaking at the opening of the event, Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri, Chairman of the Board of Van Lang University, emphasized that quality is a key factor that the University prioritizes and focuses on from the grassroots level to the level of the training program. The quality assessment is a comprehensive process of improvement, bringing the culture of valuing quality into a regular, daily work of each Van Lang person. Four years of pursuing the goal of AUN-QA quality assessment is a journey that allows Van Lang's training programs to upgrade; strengthen the teaching staff of doctoral degrees, good in foreign languages; increase employment opportunities at regional and international levels for graduates.



The University is honored to welcome Mr. Johnson Ong Chee Bin - Founding Member of AUN-QA Council, Training Specialist of AUN-QA; Dr. Nguyen Thi My Ngoc – Deputy Director of Center for Educational Testing and Quality Assessment, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, AUN-QA assessor. Mr. Johnson Ong Chee Bin believes that with the investment in infrastructure, quality of training programs and expanding cooperation around the world, Van Lang University will continue to develop and rise in the field of education.



Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti, ASEAN University Network (AUN) Executive Director congratulated and encouraged the determination of Van Lang University. He emphasized that overcoming difficulties because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they witnessed the efforts of Van Lang University in perfecting the training program, serving education, fostering quality human resources for society. Congratulations on this impressive success of Van Lang University." 


At the event, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - President of Van Lang University, institutional leaders, and the self-assessment councils of four programs were extremely happy and moved when looking back on the journey of 5 years of preparation efforts for AUN-QA assessment.


In 2019, Van Lang University officially became one of the associate members of AUN-QA.

 In January 2022, Van Lang University for the first time conducted an assessment of 4 programs according to AUN-QA's newly improved set of standards (version 4.0).

On April 15, 2022, Van Lang University was proud to receive good news when all 04 programs met the AUN-QA quality assessment standards. Four programs of Van Lang University are also the first programs in Vietnam to participate in the assessment according to the online assessment guidance process version 4 of AUN-QA.


The successful implementation of the 254th online assessment of AUN-QA marks the development of the accreditation activities of Van Lang University. We expect the next programs of Van Lang University to continue to persevere in the quality assurance journey, affirming the quality of international reach.

For many years, the quality assurance system of Van Lang University has developed synchronously and has been recognized quality from domestic and international external quality assurance organizations.

In October 2021, Van Lang University was officially awarded the Certificate of 4-star QS Stars by the UK's QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) – the highest QS rating achievement of Vietnamese universities to date, affirming that the higher education environment in Van Lang is increasingly close to international education standards.

At the level of the program, Van Lang University has 10 programs achieving national quality accreditation including Hospitality Management, English Language, Accounting, Tourism Management, Banking and Finance, Civil Engineering, Business Administration, Commerce, Biotechnology and Architecture.


Dr. Nguyen Huu Cuong


AUN-QA Overview: 253rd, 254th & 255th AUN-QA Programme Assessments


253rd AUN-QA Programme Assessment at Van Hien University (VHU)

The 253rd AUN-QA Programme Assessment (Online/Remote   Site   Visit) was   held   at   VHU, Viet Nam, from 10 – 14 January 2022. Two study programmes were assessed including: 

  1. Bachelor in Business Administration
  2. Bachelor in Tourism and Travel Services Management

VHU is a multi-disciplinary university in Viet Nam providing education on several levels with specialization in Social Sciences and Humanities. The university aims to grow into an application-based higher education institution with diverse and flexible training professions, contributing to the country’s socio-economic development and international integration. 

This was the university’s 1st AUN-QA Programme Assessment.

254th AUN-QA Programme Assessment at Van Lang University (VLU)

The 254th AUN-QA Programme Assessment (Online/Remote   Site   Visit) was   held   at   VLU, Viet Nam, from 10 – 14 January 2022. Four study programmes were assessed including: 

  1. Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental Engineering Technology
  2. Bachelor in Graphic Design
  3. Bachelor in Accounting 
  4. Bachelor in Hospitality Management

VLU is one of the very first private higher education institutions in Southern Vietnam. As a multi-disciplinary institution, the university offers a large number of programmes in various fields on several levels. With the aim to become one of the most admired young universities by 2030, VLU recognized quality assurance services as a vital factor to the development and internationalization process of the university.

This was VLU’s 1st AUN-QA Programme Assessment.

255th AUN-QA Programme Assessment at Nguyen Tat Thanh University (NTTU)

The 255th AUN-QA Programme Assessment (Online/Remote   Site   Visit) was   held   at   NTTU, Viet Nam, from 17 – 21 January 2022. Four study programmes were assessed including: 

  1. Bachelor in Accounting (BAcc)
  2. Engineering in Food Technology (EFT)
  3. Engineering in Automotive Engineering Technology (EAET)
  4. Engineering in Biotechnology (EBT)

Established in 1995, NTTU is one of Viet Nam’s leading private universities which has been continuously growing to become a high-quality university that meets both the national and international standards. The University has invested significantly on applied research, technology transfer, community services, spirit of innovation, and entrepreneurship on the basis of its strategic alliance with the enterprises and research institutes and internationalization orientation.

This was the university’s 2nd AUN-QA Programme Assessment, and its first online/remote site visit.

(Source: AUN-QA Overview: 253rd, 254th & 255th AUN-QA Programme Assessments)


Closing ceremony of the AUN-QA assessment for four programs

This morning, January 14, 2022, the Closing Ceremony of the AUN-QA program assessment for four undergraduate programs: Environmental Engineering, Accountant, Graphic Design, and Hotel Management took place at Truong Sa 2 meeting room on the main campus of Van Lang University.


During five days of working online and in-person (from January 10 to 14, 2022), the AUN-QA assessment team carried out many activities: assessing facilities, checking documents, and interviewing 301 people related to four majors (Dean, faculty staff, lecturers, students, and alumni of different majors).


At the ceremony, the AUN-QA assessment team presented a summary report on the evaluation of these four programs, summarizing the advantages and proposing options for these majors to continue to improve their training programs in the future.


On behalf of the delegation, Prof. Dr. Wyona C. Patalinghug - Deputy Chairperson of AUN-QA Council - Former Director, Quality Assurance Office, De La Salle University, said thanks to Van Lang University, especially the teachers of these four programs, who have enthusiastically supported the team throughout their time working here. At the same time, Prof. Dr. Wyona C. Patalinghug hopes that Van Lang University will continue to improve the programs and have more majors participate in the AUN-QA standard program evaluation soon.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu, President of Van Lang University, said: "Van Lang University has had a long journey to prepare to complete the AUN-QA program assessment. The results of this assessment are important not only for the four majors but it is also a great lesson for all other majors at Van Lang University. It is an important milestone and the basis for the four majors to continue to improve their quality of training programs and develop even more in the future."


Congratulations on this significant milestone for Van Lang University.


Opening Ceremony of the 254th AUN-QA Programme Assessment

For many years, the quality assurance system of VLU has developed synchronously between internal and external quality assurance. Since 2016, the AUN-QA program assessment has been one of the key goals of Van Lang to design curricula being close to the regional education trends and the 4.0 technology era.


After many years of effort with many expectations, today, Van Lang University is pleased to organize the opening ceremony of the 254th AUN-QA programme assessment for 04 majors: ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY, GRAPHIC DESIGN, ACCOUNTING, HOTEL MANAGEMENT.


Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri, Chairman of Van Lang University stated: "This is the first time that Van Lang University has participated in the AUN-QA programme assessment. Participation in this program is not only about reputation or brand because we realize that quality assessment is a comprehensive improvement process, bringing a culture of quality assurance in the regular and daily work of VLU's members. We believe that the assessment results from AUN-QA experts will support VLU to continue making improvements in its training program, meeting regional standards for international integration. The key goal is that quality will be continuously improved and be transformed into the competencies of VLU's undergraduates. They will be a highly qualified workforce of the country and the region, bringing a positive impact and inspiring the community as the mission of VLU.”.


The AUN-QA team will have 5 working days (10/01/2020– 14/01/2022). We wish the experts of the AUN-QA Evaluation Team good health and successfully complete the assessment of the training program.


We also hope that the training programs of Van Lang University can achieve the results of quality accreditation reaching international standards according to AUN-QA standards.


Van Lang University has completed the external assessment of 4 undergraduate programs

On January 7, 2022, the closing ceremony of the official survey to serve the external assessment of the curriculum of Business Administration, Commerce, Architecture, and Biotechnology took place at N2T1 hall, the main campus of Van Lang University (VLU).


During five working days at VLU (03 – 07/01/2022), with the motto of professionalism and fairness, the external evaluation team carried out many activities: infrastructure survey, study self-assessment records and evidence records of four undergraduate programs, namely Business Administration, Commerce, Architecture and Biotechnology, interview 352 related objects of four majors (Council of self-evaluating, deans, officers, lecturers, employees, and students).

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Phuong Nga - Director of the Center for Education Accreditation, Supervision Advisor of the External Evaluation Team, thanked the teachers of 4 curricula for their support and enthusiasm in this survey. In parallel, she hopes that Van Lang University will change significantly and develop to reach achievements and improve the reputation with the community of learners after the survey.


At the ceremony, representatives of the External Evaluation Team and Van Lang University signed the Minutes of completing the official survey to serve the external assessment of the four curricula of Business Administration, Commerce, Architecture, and Biotechnology. It is a vital result to determine the quality accreditation for VLU's four curricula and is also the basis for the four sectors to continue to improve education quality.


Congratulations to Van Lang University for having the principal milestone in building education quality.



Opening ceremony of the official survey to serve the external assessment of 4 undergraduate programs

The culture of quality assurance orientates Van Lang University in all activities. Accreditation of education quality is a continuous journey of Van Lang University, in which we have solidarity and effort of all members of VLU to achieve each milestone of accreditation.


On January 3, 2022, Van Lang University welcomes the external assessment team of the Education Accreditation Center, under the Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges, to officially survey the curriculum of four undergraduate programs, including: Business Administration, Commercial Business, Biotechnology, Architecture.


On the opening remark, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Phuong Nga - Director of the Center for Education Accreditation, Supervision Advisor of the External Evaluation Delegation, expressed her congratulations and belief in the significant development speed of Van Lang University, with many groundbreaking achievements. The working trip of the external assessment team in 2022 has an essential meaning for the quality cultural journey that Van Lang University is following and raising the international level.


The external assessment team officially works at Van Lang University in the next five days (January 3 - 8, 2022). The experts will carry out the following activities: study self-assessment records, evidence records of majors, interviews with the Self-Assessment Council and Heads of Departments, interviews with officials, lecturers, and employees of various departments, interviews with students, visits and surveys facilities, equipment.

On January 8, 2022, the external evaluation team will present a preliminary report on the official survey results of the four curricula of Van Lang University.

We wish all the teachers to stay healthy and have a comfortable working trip at Van Lang University.




In May 2018, Van Lang University achieved the quality accreditation of higher education institutions.

In November 2020, Van Lang University met the national quality accreditation standards for 03 curricula in Accounting, English Language, Hotel Management, and the national quality accreditation for university level.

In June 2021, Van Lang University received National Accreditation Certificate for three majors in Tourism Service and Travel Management, Construction Engineering, and Finance - Banking.

October 2021: Van Lang University was officially awarded the 4-star QS Stars Certificate by the British organization QS. It is also the highest QS ranking of Vietnamese universities. Van Lang university is the first university in Vietnam to achieve the 4-star QS Stars certification in the first registration for accreditation.



The meaningful milestone: Van Lang University received the 4-star QS Stars certificate

On December 11st, 2021, Van Lang University held the QS Stars Certificate Award Ceremony. Van Lang University became the first university in Vietnam that achieve the 4-star QS certification at the first audit. The 4-star QS certification is also the highest rating of Vietnamese universities.


VLU leaders, managerial staff and academic staff at the QS Stars Certificate Award Ceremony

Van Lang University achieved five stars for 4/8 standards, including Employability, Academic development, Facilities, and Social responsibility. In addition, Van Lang University has certified four stars with two standards: Teaching and Art - Cultural.

Mr. Samuel Ang, regional director of QS organization, shared: Van Lang University has done very well and achieved 4-star results from the first time participating in the accreditation. It is a strong performance. With this result, Van Lang University continues to have higher standards for the quality of categories.


Mr. Samuel Ang, Regional Director of QS Stars expressed congratulations to VLU

In the opening remarks, Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri - Chairman of Van Lang University, said: “Van Lang University continue to create the international standardization, and the QS Stars Certification is the first international accreditation of VLU. This event affirms the recognition of a long-standing and prestigious international organization for Van Lang University; while at the same time affirming that we can continue to develop towards world higher education standards.”


Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri - Chairman of Van Lang University presented the opening remarks

The 4-star QS Stars certification is a great international ranking for Van Lang University, aiming to become a top-ranking university.

Congratulations on the efforts of the Van Lang community.



Van Lang University and Van Lang Saigon College had organized an “Arbor Day”

 (VLU, 27/02/2021) - On the morning of 27 February, Van Lang University and Van Lang Saigon College had organized an “Arbor Day” at the campus of Van Lang Educational Complex.

In every springtime or on national and the university’s ceremonies, Van Lang University, and its fellow schools usually organize Arbor Day within its campus.

Hinh 1

Greenspace of Van Lang Educational Complex

In the event of the 2021 lunar new year, on 27 February 2021, Van Lang University and Van Lang Saigon College had organized an “Arbor Day”.

Hinh 2

The Board of Trustees, faculties, and staff of both schools had attended the Mango-pine planting event taking place in front of Van Lang Saigon College.

Based on Vietnamese tradition, Mango-pine means good things. The glooming leaves and flowers represent prosperity. Its life span can exceed a century, so it also stands for solidity and longevity. By planting the mango-pine, the Board of Trustees expressed their belief for a breakthrough, firming and sustainable development of Van Lang Saigon College. Thus, the school will soon prove itself as a professional, credible destination for parents, students, partners, and employers.

On behalf of VLSC’s administrators, Ms. Tran Thanh Nhan – VLSC’s Vice President said: “Dedicated by all the loves of Van Lang Group, VLSC will try their best to achieve breakthroughs in 2021 and the upcoming year. Therefore, along with other member entities of VLG, VLSC could contribute in structuring the future Van Lang, where new glooming generations will be incubated.”

Hinh 3

The Board of Trustees, faculties, and staff of both schools took pictures in memorial of the 2021 “Arbor Day”.

“Arbor Day” is an annual event of VLG aiming for a Green Campus and representing the mission to “Incubate talent generations for the society”. This event honors not only the harmony to the nature and environment but also reaffirms the missions to incubate future workforces inspired by the statement “For the sake of ten years, we must plant trees, for the sake of 100 years, we should cultivate people.”

VLG will continue to encourage both the faculties and students to take good care of the trees and expand the scales in the upcoming year. Thanks to this activity, VLU would like to raise awareness and the love for nature and the environment to guarantee the sustainable living standards of Van Lang’s community.

Before the event, on 23 February, VLU’s administrators had planted the apricot tree in front of the L-V Building’s entrance in VLU Campus 3.

Hinh 4

The apricot tree was planted on VLU Campus after being exhibited during the lunar new year at L-V Building’s lobby.

Reporter: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa
Photographer: Minh Phương


Quality Assessment AUN-QA: DACUM the seminar for Commercial Business major

(Admission Office – Van Lang, June 9th, 2018 ) – On 6th July 2018 morning, continuing preparation activities of AUN – QA quality assessment for training programs, Van Lang Universities organized the Seminar of Employers and skilled people in analyzing the skilled people in qualifying the ability of serving undergraduate program for Commercial Business major at Room 203A, 1st Branch Van Lang University.

DACUM was the employability analytic methodology to develop the training program which were implied in developed countries such as USA, British, etc. … The implementation commenced in 1990. The DACUM Seminar aimed to discuss and listen to expert’s opinion, business owner and high profile workers, whom described the attitudes, skills, knowledge and learners’ capability, helped the training units to build their training programs.

The Seminar had 15 experts, whom are lecturers, designers, business owners and administration officer in the Commercial Business industry:

  1. Ms. Nguyen Ha Hoang Oanh – Head of Representative Curewel International Co., Ltd Ho Chi Minh city.
  2. Mr. Le Tien Quy – Vice Director of 19/5 Company – Ministry of Public Security
  3. Mr. Nguyen Van Khanh - Manager of Business division Gia Dinh media company;
  4. Mr. Dang Tuan Kiet , Director of KietDG export and import Company Ltd
  5. Mr. Ngo Tho Trung – Branch Director of Truong Vinh Phu Company one-member Ltd.
  6. Mr. Dam Huy Hoang Viet, Director of Dam Viet Import-Export Company One-member Ltd.
  7. Mr. Tran Van Hau – Director of London Export VN Company Ltd;
  8. Ms. Cao Hoang Minh Tram, Director of Kim Phuong Moon Cake Company;
  9. Mr. Le Phuoc Men, Vice Director Duy Phuoc Commerce-Service Company Ltd;
  10. Ms. Ho Thi Thuy Phuong, Representatives of supervervisors Baxter Vietnam Company
  11. Ms. Truong Nu Quy Phuc, Foreign Trade Manager Yuasa Trading Vietnam Co., Ltd;
  12. Mr. Thieu Dang Khoa, Ambient logistic Manager, MM Mega Market Ltd;
  13. Mr Doan Huy Phuc, Manager of Project office Thien Long Corps JSC;
  14. Mr. Lam Man Tue – Sale executives of Thien Long Corps JSC;
  15. Ms. Le Ngoc Tung Vi, General Manager Kenh Cuoi, Marketing director of First Real Real Estate JSC.
  16. Mr Nguyen Xuan Binh – Merchandise Manager, MM Mega Market Ltd;
  17. Mr. Nguyen Hong Hai, Head of Managing Board LITA Company.

Hinh 1

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu, Rector of Van Lang University, leaded the seminar. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Ang, Deputy Rector and  the Dean of Commerce and Business Administration department, accompanied by lecturers and officers whom attended the Seminar and proactively worked with invited representatives to define the serving capability of the training program

Hinh 2

The Feedbacks board of 17 representatives for analyzing and adding the essential skills of learner, to build the training program framework for Commercial Business

Hinh 3

All representative had practical contributions and ebullient
Mr. Nguyen Hong Hai – Head of Managing board LITA Company (holding microphone) made judgement: doing economy which require more than just profit, students need to equip yourself with social , environmental knowledge and information technology; thus conducting the analysis of the impacts of society, environment and technology toward the company and market.

Apart from that all the representatives gave feedbacks on knowledge, students needed to be equipped such as customer searching, customer care; using the sale software; communication skills and a guest-service skills; understanding of logistic geography; understanding of export-import both domestic and foreign business partner; understanding of management using information technology in warehouse, etc.

Hinh 4
The survey notes from representatives which were used for developing the new teaching program framework for Commercial Business students.

Hinh 5

Closing the Seminar, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van An, Deputy Rector of Van Lang University, sent the appreciation to representatives for their feedbacks and shared practical experience about the profession. This was the inspiration for the Department to build the new teaching program framework following AUN-QA quality assessment.

Ngoc Thi


Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology: Building the training program passed AUN – QA standard

(Admission Office – Van Lang, December  6th, 2018 ) – Since 1991, this was the greatest opportunity for the transformation of tertiary education in Vietnam. Due to the pressure of integration and social development, Vietnam education, especially tertiary education has had to transform not only the infrastructure but also the superstructure. In the last 2 years, model and autonomy for university were the issues that raised the public concern. Thanks to the advantages of the private university, Van Lang University, especially the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology has long accumulated the sustainable internal capacity to prepare for this departure of the voyage to The Great Sea: Building the training program passed AUN – QA standard.

AUN – QA standard Assessment: The absolute choice!

In 1995, Vietnam became ASEAN member. In the same year, Southeast Asian universities together started to create a network leading to the establishment of AUN. However, it was not until 1999 AUN founding member began constructing the AUN Quality Assessment (AUN-QA) model which was expected to use as the tool to preserve, improve and upgrade teaching and research quality for AUN member universities; to set a standard quality for AUN’s member universities and to motivate the recognition of standard quality for AUN member universities. For unexpected reasons, Vietnam was 10-year late to implement AUN system’s standard and thus far Vietnam’s universities had 70 educational programs qualified for AUN standard.

Global integration is the absolute trend for tertiary education. However, you have started walking from your neighborhood before you reach the highway. ASEAN is an active region and is defining its political position globally. Despite the limited development of ASEAN education, AUN with honor and pride to have a member (NUS) that have been claim a position in “Top 20” of the best universities worldwide for the last 15 years.

Vietnam’s universities have fast adapted to design their training program following the standard of AUN-QA standard; especially, the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology of Van Lang University has the advantages. The code of standard does not specifically examine criteria of each program but the success factors of a curriculum, so it reassures the quality. Thus, it qualified key criteria that a tertiary training program requires such as the outcome standard, lecturers and students, program framework, infrastructure, and educational quality managing activities,…

The integration of AUN-QA is an appropriate move that helps the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology of Van Lang University to evaluate the training program based on the code of standard. Thus, the Faculty examines and catches up on the backlog to reassure the quality of training program at the ASEAN standard.
Students have the great advantages from the evaluation because they are learning in the latest advanced educational environment with quality guaranteed.
According to commitment of AUN, students will be able transfer their academic credits points between the educational and training program of AUN member universities in the future. In addition, being a part of a common standard which motivates knowledge exchange between students and students, lecturers and lecturers within AUN member universities.
The AUN’s testing result is the affirmation of the training program to the society for the outcomes, so students is going to have better career opportunity. Employers have the credible human resources that are significant correlate with the international quality standard.

Van Lang University achieves the national education quality standard, Faculty of environment & Biotechnology is determined to advances to international level with AUN-QA. 

Hinh 1

On 31st of May 2018, a historic event of Van Lang University’s Development: The ceremony for recognition of National education quality.

Hinh 2

On 15th of May 2018, Faculty of Environment & Biotechnology celebrated the 1st anniversary with the participation of more than 200 lecturers, students and alumni, to mark the beginning of faculty after the integration, new team had been growing stronger and ready to encounter with challenges and opportunities.


Building the AUN standard training program: The flash moves!

The program is adapted and implemented between the distinct advantages of the Wageningen University’s program and the exclusiveness of the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology. In addition, the strong link between Faculty and students, alumni, and employers; thus, the Faculty had essential preparation for the standard quality assessment of AUN-QA within 6 months. 

Due to the supportive efforts from the University management board, lecturers, and the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology’s officers day and night put their efforts to create the program that serves learners and society at top quality. There were countless memorable events during the voyage.

05/05/2018: The Conference “Employers and the skilled analysts of human capability for the tertiary education training”. (DACUM*)

From beginning of the DACUM conference for the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology, employers and skilled workers have tried their best to share opinions to the Faculty about the vital employability skills for the graduated students.

Hinh 3

(Empolyers and skilled workers enthusiastically share opinion on the employability skills to the employee)

With the appreciation for all the valuable opinions of employers and skilled workers, and lecturers – The Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology’s officers train the employability skills by setting as a part of the learning outcomes of the training program.

18/5/2018: Conference “Building an Expected Learning Outcomes – ELOs”

Hinh 4

Acknowledging the foundation of ELOs, Faculty of Environment & Biotechnology actively takes part in the conference with proper preparation and received the consolidation from expert.

25/5/2018: Conference “The Guide to examination of system and content of training program”

Hinh 5

The innovatinve way of thinking from young people that motivate the Faculty of Environment & Biotechnology examine and build the specific training for some applied research majors.

Despite the prompt preparation, it is quality and PhD. Nguyen Thanh Thuy, Vice-director of Training Centre for Advanced Management, National University of Ho Chi Minh city, head of consultant – acceptably commented: Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology was  the unit that had the best adaptation, the fastest preparation and to be ready for the voyage to great sea.


Achievement of Standard AUN-QA Quality: The beginning…

When there was no measurement and restructure of training program following AUN-QA standard, the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology had successfully built reputable brand in the society. In fact, The Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology has trained skilled workforce which was a remarkable contribution for the South Vietnam area for 20 years. Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology alumni made important positions in the political organization, society and others. In the other edge, Van Lang University has twice successfully passed the Quality Assessment at institutional level in 2009 and May 2018 certified by the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training.

Due to flat world, the global integration of educational training, the faculty of Environment and Biotechnology is looking forward to further achievement that approved not only in ASEAN but also international community, like NUS’s achievement.

Hinh 6 

Modern Infrastructure, convenient learning environment are the essential element for the futher development of Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology. (Picture: the perspective drawing of 3rd branch, Vang Lang University)

Before the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology could pass complicated assessing criteria of the advanced standard from European and USA, AUN Quality Assessment was the initial efforts of Van Lang University. This is not the arrival destination but the beginning of the long, difficult and challenging voyage; however, the Faculty is so proud to carry this mission of education.

Due to the approval of Educational Council of ASEAN and society, employers have confidence to choose the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology which is building the sustainable educational services and training programs. Our mission is to hold the belief of parents and students…

Mr. Duong Pham Hung
The Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology’s Lecturer

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